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just an uneducated man with decisive creativity
Jumping To
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Alright guys, So I got dropped from that magazine I had been writing for since last year, which has really bummed me out, but I still have loads of articles that I haven't published yet. I create because I believe in my ideas and I know that they can do positive in the world. I don't need a enabler to push me forward, I do it anyway, so here is one for you ;)

Jumping To

There is something wonderful that happens in life, something special that is part of being a human on this planet full of so many diverse creatures. While each animal shines in their own way, one thing that we people excel at is consciously taking leaps. When we are young and full of so much energy, we are always leaping into swimming pools, hopping over fences, and diving into our interests and letting them consume us. Taking actions like this can be very scary, but in a way that makes us feel so full of life and gets our hearts pumping. Now, regarding this wonderful feeling, I think it goes far beyond the physical world, but to the worlds that are inside of our minds.

A little boy might pee in his trunks when standing at the edge of the garage rooftop, trying to convince himself to jump down into the pool, and with all of his friends goading him to jump, the pressure is so intense. Would he be able to take the leap? Years later, when that boy becomes a young man, those same exact feelings will continue to live inside him. There are going to be intense urges that he will have to face, pushing him to pursue something that he truly believes in. Perhaps it will come in the form of a dream job, but in order to get the hire, he'll have to move to a new part of the world. But what if something were to go wrong and he got stranded in a place where he didn't know anyone? The pressure is great, and he'll have to make the decision.

There seems to always be some element of danger when going for what we really want, and maybe that is what makes these things so valuable. We just need to be sensible and not too risky with what is most important. Be smart, obviously protect your head and veer clear of daftness like muddying your mind with heavy substances or anything along those lines. You will get much better rushes with inspiration and fiery passion. The diver who is willing to continuously swim deeper and deeper will have the exhilaration of personally witnessing the most extreme and beautiful marine life.

If thinking about all this makes you nervous, that is perfectly fine, it is normal, and we all feel it too. Spend some time thinking about the people who have taken leaps towards what they truly believed in, then daydream about how magical those times must have been for them. They caused an impact in our world by inspiring others to be great, simply by being great themselves. Therefore, when you take your grand leap, you will be in excellent company.

Here are a few people who did something great and have inspired me:

- The man Elon Musk: he was an integral part in the creation of Paypal back when the internet was in its infancy. We can now clearly see how huge it is, and the convenience of being able to transfer currencies across the entire planet. In the mid-2000s, something extremely wild got into his head: space exploration. Coming from a 28-year-old man who made hundreds of millions of dollars via the internet, imagine how scary that must have been for him and the ridicule he faced when he told people, "I'm going to create rockets so we humans can become multiplanetary." He must have been called mental more times than he could even remember. Regardless, he took the leap. For a few years, it looked like everything was about to fall through for him and his team but they persevered. And now, as I am writing this, SpaceX is the only manufacturer that has created spacefaring rockets that do not get trashed after a single launch, but return back to the surface of Earth and can be used again. That is great.

- From his home, the Republic of Senegal in West Africa, a person named Aliaume Thiam did something so beautiful. As of 2017, over half of a billion people in Africa do not have access to electricity. That is 500,000,000+ of our fellow people who do not have access to this extremely powerful tool that was modernized over 100 years ago. Aliaume went to America, ventured into the business of music, and amassed copious amounts of money and influence. The great leap that he took was leaving the entertainment industry, where he could have easily lived a luxurious life, and started an organization called Akon Lighting Africa. This project has provided electricity to a multitude of households, villages, community houses, schools, and health centers in rural areas where it has never been before. Aliaume risked the possibility of never again reaching the level of fame and monetary wealth that he already had when he was a music star, which you may remember by the name of, Akon. That is beautiful.

- For this last example, I've caught tails of information, but I am researching further to find out everything that happened. About two centuries ago, there was a young fellow by the name of Darvaak. He lived in a very remote place somewhere near the equator, the documented history is a bit unclear, but there is evidence that shows he committed himself to a somewhat-controversial cause, concerning foreign affairs. It was something that he truly believed in, and this led him to risk everything that he knew as safety and security. The tale has many ups and downs, but eventually he went on to positively influence every single person in his hometown and many of the neighboring cities. I'm still researching and compiling all the information on this piece of history, and will make sure the story is brought to life. That is to come.

Taking a step back, things like this don't have to happen quickly with giant changes occurring in a single day, while that certainly is possible, big changes tend to happen over long amounts of time from the accumulation of many smaller parts. Precisely like a big powerful brick wall, it does not happen in one moment, but comes together from many perfectly-placed single bricks. That sounds very time-consuming, but what I think makes it an advantage is that if your brick wall happens to fall down, most likely every brick won't be misplaced. There is still so much of it that could be salvaged, so dust yourself off and keep trying.

You are not alone. Imagine how relieving it feels when you have to go through something difficult but someone else knows those feelings too. We can all look out for each other. I encourage you to go out there, pursue what you want, and keep in mind that so many other people are doing the same exact thing. It's healthy for us to constantly venture out of our comfort zone, and it can be beneficial for our society as well, because we can all be inspired by those we are around. We only have our one life, so do not fall asleep in the waiting room.
For Heeks
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This was a gift painting I did for one of my friends, for her birthday in early April. Her husband hit me up and we worked on it in secret for about a month and I love surprises.

Acknowledgements: TheHika
The Little Kicks
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my most recent Column 33 contribution:

Who are we when we are alone? This is something I have been pondering, and I'm sure we are the same person as we're any other time, but maybe there are versions of us that the world never gets to see? We each have our own preference for how much we want to be around other people, and how often we need alone time, which I don't think is bad at all, but that it is actually healthy to self-explore and build a peaceful relationship with yourself.

The reason why I started thinking about this is due to two too interesting instances. One day, I saw this lady at a red light in the car next to mine, and she had no passengers with her. Waiting for the green, she was dancing like a maniac, which had me laughing at how much fun she was having. She looked hyped and excited, but how she was able to dance like Elaine Benes in her little Honda, I'll never know. Nextly, there is this nice skatepark in Lathrop that I used to go to all the time, and when I would ride my motorcycle there, I would sing my own music because you can hear yourself so well inside of a motorcycle helmet, and while on the highway, no one else is aware. My sister who has a bike too, turns out, did the exact same thing.

With these occurrences together, they got me thinking: Who are we when we are alone? I brought this question up to loads of people, family, friends, and coworkers, and got some very cool answers. I put together a small collection of some of my favorite responses-

Nearly 100% of everyone I talked to sings extravagantly and dances obnoxiously, and this happens in varying amounts of garb for each person. The next most common activity is that all of us tend to talk aloud when we aren't around other people. Sometimes it's to practice fun accents, practice explaining things to people, getting ready for an argument you know is going to happen, having extended conversations with a 7-foot teddy bear, or even to explore the wide range of sounds we can make with our mouths. Following that, I found a small amount of people who experiment with screaming when no one is around, which I think is out of curiosity of what it sounds like since we don't tend to scream on a day-to-day basis, most of us. One of my favorite answers from a friend, was that he liked to think deeply on abstract and trivial topics, even though he doesn't talk about them much. Although, I'm sure this one goes for everyone, even though only a few brought it up.

Do you think this changes the way you look at people? After all, each one of us is just that, another person trying to understand our self and the universe around us. I chose to explore this topic simply because it's interesting, and not common habit for people to open the windows into their remote life. And one other reason, which I think is a big one, realize that you're not the only one who makes funny faces in front of the bathroom mirror, we are all doing that. There is one thing about this that quite bummed me out: If all of us are dancing and singing pretty much everyday, why don't we just dance together?



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